Core Values

We are Committed to Growing Families:
Because we believe the family is the building block of society, our goal as a church is to support parents in raising their children to love the Lord Jesus Christ, give a Biblical framework for making wise decisions, and to help discern life purpose to the glory of God.

We are Convinced the Bible is Alive and Powerful:
That is why we value expository preaching. Every Sunday, Pastor Ballmann unpacks the Bible verse-by-verse, with practical application in family relationship, community, church, and business. Books like Hebrews, Exodus, Judges, and Romans come alive as we study them one chapter at a time. We believe that the Bible is without error, and that is sanctifies and empowers us to live victoriously in this life. We actively encourage our congregation in Bible memory.

We do not divide up the family at the front door.

We are Family-Integrated:
We do not divide up the family at the front door. Fathers, mothers, and children sing praises and hear God’s Word as a family unit. It is primarily the father’s duty to disciple his family, not the church’s. Therefore, we encourage, support, and train fathers in their role and function as head of the family.

We are Mission-Minded:
Jesus Christ has commanded His church to “go out” into society and make a real difference for His Kingdom. That’s why we passionately support and faithfully pray for missions at home and abroad. That’s also why we provide practical ministry training for our families and encourage opportunities to go into our community, and into needy places around the world, to share the love of Jesus.

We are Part of Two Wider Families:
First, we are a part of the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches. Second, we are grateful to be part of a nurturing, alive church family called the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations. The AFLC is a body of conservative churches around the world committed to Biblical instruction and revival. We have freely joined together for fellowship, missions, Seminary/Bible training, and a whole spectrum of targeted resources for your family.

We are Pro-Life!

We believe in the sanctity of marriage and embrace God-given roles for men and women.

We believe God is honored in praiseworthy music.

We believe in active Christian involvement in government and in ministry to orphans and widows.